Lo spazio tra il silenzio ('The Space Among Silences')


The stories of the books we write are the stories of our life paths. Not always what happens to us ends explicitly in a book but everything contributes to make a book what it is. My book "The Space Among Silences" does not escape this condition. Born at a time when I was stuck at home due to a disastrous fall during a busy cleaning session at home, this book suffered from the reflective climate in which I found myself for a long time.

It is a strange book, I admit it, composed like a piece of music rather than a piece of writing, which wants to put together so many, perhaps too many things, as I was noticed by my trusted reader, Dario Rivarossa, the Sea Tasso Driver. Nevertheless I could not have written it differently and even now I would write it like this, like a long melody that recedes and draws closer to the thematic nucleus on several occasions, with internal references, echoes and digressions that intertwine to describe a possible symbolic path between the signs of punctuation. Yes, punctuation also lives its own life and vibrates and speaks with sign language and refers to something else. Another silent and recondite, placed, where we do not expect to find anything and where instead we find stars and planets and the entire universe, when we take the courage to stop and listen.

Indeed, this plan of reality crumbles into a thousand facets full of meaning, when we take the courage to stop and listen and everything becomes important, even a punctuation mark, even a pause, even a silence and the more we hear the more meaning we find, in this silence. And when this silence is transformed into words so that it can be communicated, it inevitably loses part of its charge of meaning, because what is said necessarily excludes what cannot be said, while in silence there is space for everything.

Attempting to make the round fullness that I found in the silence, I tried to construct a logical but invisible path, evocative rather than descriptive, which apparently has to do with the most humble of literary matter, punctuation, whereas instead explores the path of the Chaldean sequence of the planets, which in alchemy describes the great work of transformation and purification of the human being. Finding this alchemy path in punctuation was not an easy task but I did not use abstruse procedures: as always happens when you really listen, things come already ready. Before I started writing, I knew there had to be a connection between the character of the planets and punctuation, I simply had to find out what it was. As above, as below, says the Emerald Tablet, the most synthetic text of alchemy, and so it was.

So far this book has no luck and it is not said that it will. To tell the truth, even at the cost of sounding haughty, I can say that I care little for it, because the writer's task is to write; what happens to a book, once written, is beyond their competence and possibilities. Thus, without regrets, without remorse, I entrust this book to the world: if it is destined for someone to read it, it will be so.